Celtic Knot

Facilitating Interaction

A Global Network of Friends

Proxenoi (proxenia) an  honorary status granted by  states to members of citizen communities and  related to the private institution of ritualized friendship (xenia). Members who became proxenoi, constituted a formal network of local friends, facilitating interactions for citizens visiting on private business. 

A proxenos would use whatever influence he had in his own city to promote policies of friendship or alliance with the city he voluntarily represented.

Being another city’s proxenos did not preclude taking part in war against that city, should it break out – since the proxenos’ ultimate loyalty was to his own city. However, a proxenos would naturally try his best to prevent such a war and to resolve the differences that were threatening to cause it. And once peace negotiations were on the way, a proxenos’ contacts and goodwill in the enemy city could be profitably used by his city.

We Have Miles of Warehouse

The Warehouse District has long been known for its treasures. Located just minutes away from central businesses, the district is not just filled with rustic buildings and warehouses but colorful fabrics, handcrafted items, rare imported treasures, and a variety of markets to savor.

Colorful fabrics and handcrafted items are among the most popular at these markets. These are items that you won’t find in any typical retail store and they’re only available at market bazaars in the Warehouse District.

Rare imported treasures add another dimension to shopping pleasure – many are one-of-a-kind finds that can’t be found anywhere else. With more than thirty years as a mainstay in the local business scene, it’s no wonder shoppers can’t get enough of the Market Bazaars Warehouse District.

We're Right Next to the Railroad Tracks

Right next to the tracks. We’re located in a strategic location that allows us to get our products to you faster, cheaper and more reliably. Our location next to this mode of transport has some great benefits for handling both small and large shipments. We have plenty of space for large shipments and heavy transports. If you’re looking for a freight forwarding company that can handle your heavy imports and large shipments, look no further than us!

Shipping Container Expertise

Get a taste of the world’s diversity, culture, and ingenuity. Shipping containers are an integral part of global trade and are an important part of our company. Shipping containers have become indispensable to international trade. Containers arrive from every continent on the planet loaded with unique and fascinating goods from every continent on the planet: Africa, India, China, Europe, North America and South America. Shipping containers are the largest transportable means of moving goods across international distances. They can carry enormous amounts of goods and products, and bring them from one country to another. You can buy or sell a shipping container from different people or companies who import them from all over the world.

Freight Transfer & Logistics

We are a group of dedicated professionals with an abundance of knowledge about the latest technology and trends that span the freight industry. We leverage our knowledge to help you optimize operations, streamline processes, reduce costs, and grow profits. No matter the scope or size of your business, our experience in freight and logistics brings our unique expertise to you for goods of all dimensions and valuable treasures. We are the preferred partner of many large multinational companies when it comes to handling their confidential goods.

The Power to Move Products

We offer a variety of shipping and logistics services that can help you move your goods around the world. We handle all sizes and types of cargo, including shipments to air freight, ocean freight, dry-cargo and heavy lifting. With over 30 years of experience in the field, our Logistics Company is a leading provider of heavy cartage solutions for companies worldwide. As our customer’s needs evolve, we adjust our services to meet those needs. Our wide-ranging service portfolio includes import and export solutions, extended warehousing arrangements and distribution solutions. Our experts are available 24/7 to provide any service you require.

Interconnected Cities

Rail Connects us to Greensboro, Charlotte, Reidsville, Burlington and Mebane, NC and to Danville VA and Atlanta GA while ports connect at Norfolk, Elizabeth City, Wilmington, Charleston, and Savanna. We literally span the Southeast with interconnected cosmopolity.