About Proxenoi

Proxenoi is a startup that has the objective of representing the business matters of friendly foreign states as a guest of the home region. We do this by offering facilities for goods, markets for buyers and sellers, and warehouse districts for storage to economic partners from all over the world.

We are here for imports, we are here for exports, and we are here with unique and exciting goods at incredibly low prices! We have everything you could ask for and much you’ve never seen before.

Proxenoi is also a business representation firm that helps foreign companies and entrepreneurs from international states to not only have better access to markets, but develop a business network in the country.

The first step for Proxenoi’s clientele is for them to connect with their own Foreign Trade Office in their home region. This is where they will get all of the information about business opportunities, export regulations, and other necessary information for running a successful international enterprise.

After this step has been completed, the client can then work with one of Proxenoi’s representatives in order to be matched up with customers and suppliers throughout the country. They can work together on importing or exporting goods as well as providing support when it comes to taxes and regulations.

This service ensures that foreign companies are not just accessing the international market, but also providing a service for global business generatives.

Market Bazaars in the Warehouse District

Shoppers will have an experience of a lifetime when they come to the Warehouse District Market Bazaar. With three miles worth of space, all consolidated into easy walking distance, there is something for everyone. These markets will offer shoppers the opportunity to explore fresh, exotic goods and unique items that they can’t get anywhere else in the state.

The Warehouse District, a vibrant area in the heart of downtown, is a must-see destination for shopping enthusiasts. The market bazaars of the warehouse district offer exciting new markets with a wide range of goods including colorful fabrics, handcrafted items and rare imported treasures. With all these exciting new options available, the Warehouse District will soon be one of the most sought after shopping destinations in the Southeast.