early steps of Caswell Faire Boutique

After an exciting career in Field Investigation we turned to Retail which was strangely daring, considering the teetering economy and the precarious state of Old Retail enterprises. Investigative instincts began to discover a fresh new approach based upon Holarchy and Dynamic Emergence. In the New Economy, interrelated co-participation is sponsored between the economic Environment, the fluid Agency, and the Collective Membership.

Our serial experiences with several major liquidations further revealed to us that contemporaries who were innovative and flexible could forge new relationships and new models of venture based upon an organic paradigm of connected social ecology.

Working with one of the leaders of Global Imports at that time, Masoudi Enterprises, who specialized in Q’shqai Tribal Goods (Nomadic Persians), aside from being a joy-filled experience, taught us the value of dynamic flexibility and responsiveness.

In navigating our way toward the Emergent New Prospectus, we are heartily exploring the magnificent promise of all the wonders that the interconnected future is creating in collaboration with us.