Welcome to the Caswell Faire Specialty Shop

Anytime I find particularly good stuff or something special, I bring it here and make it easy for you to get to. You could look for weeks and not find this stuff from the major retailer sites. Clicking the links will bring you to just the right item without having to waste all your time searching. If I can, I’ll also get you a special discount but a lot of this stuff is handmade or custom merchandise and hard to obtain.

I’ve broken some items down into sub-headings. If you click on the sub-heading it will take you to more items of similar nature.

Tribal Nomads (Tribal goods collection)

We are just spilling over with authentic tribal goods; handmade items that include fabric weaves from authentic nomadic tribes-people.

Chest of Goodies
tribal rug

Shown here (to the left) is an authentic, hand made tribal rug…

and here (to the right)is an authentic hand made tribal saddlebag. The fringes contain animal hair, woven into the fabric to mitigate against the abrasive effect of rocks on the ground (when the bags are off-loaded).

All these pieces are in great shape.