Old Timey Dental Apparatus


Old Time Dental Office Apparatus.

Caswell Faire is always on the lookout for unique and hard to find items. In this case we have gotten our hands on some kind of old timey dental apparatus. The sculptural value of this contraption will be evident from the pictures as there is nothing in the universe quite as strange-looking, or having the odd intrigue. This is a guaranteed attention-getter.

In addition to the main, er, core apparatus seen here; there are arms with pulleys (attached) which are for the drill and/or motorized brush.

We respectfully recommend that you make arrangements to ship this yourself, or come by in person to pick it up (we’ll be glad to see you!). It is sold ‘as is’ and no guarantees can be made about the shipping, etc. It is heavy (being made of steel), large, and oddly shaped. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


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