Art Wants to Be Experienced…

Caswell Faire: the Experience of Art

Meaning is all about Context. Any great Truth must be expressed in a meaningful way through its context or situation. The same holds for Art: Art wants to be Experienced.

An Artistic Frame of Mind may be shared by both the Artist and the Connoisseur. The Artist, in Expressing his Muse and the Connoisseur by partaking of the Art. Both could be said to induce a profound State of Being.

The State of Perfection is a Living Thing; an Event or even a Process of Events which change from moment to moment, Framed by the Time of Day, or by the Seasons. Life has its Seasons as well, Mature Wine having developed to rarified states, capable of deep and wise frames of introspection and reverie. And of the proper appreciation for the state of youthful exuberance. ?