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This is one of the best Guitar Lesson ‘videos’ that I know. If you only get one, this one is it. It will pay off big-time in your playing abilities. Here is the link: Caged Dominant

Here’s a review I wrote about it:┬áBrad Carlton’s Caged Dominant is one of those really special courses that come along every now and then that make you wonder what you would do without them.
First things first, Brad is a really amazing Educator but his straight-ahead, no-nonsense style makes for a lot of hard work and it’s up to the student to make it fun later, after working a lot of the copious information out via heavy wood-shedding. But this one is a little different somehow. You still get the same instructor with the same serious approach but the material and the extra hints make it fun, almost exhilarating to study to. It’s as if Brad reserved a special fondness for this elaboration of his caged approach to the dominant 7 chords and arpeggios.
The approach is exactly the same as most of his other caged series: the various caged forms of the dominant 7 up the fret-board with their roots on various strings, along with their arpeggios, relevant scales and modifications thereof. These modifications are where Brad let’s his hair down a little and shares a lot of really really cool variations (b5; b3 to 3 extensions and grace-notes, etc.). Put in the study and you will become an expert at dominant 7th chords; and you know that will take you very far in most contemporary styles of guitar.
In addition to revving up my knowledge (and consequently my playing ability) in the idioms of blues, jazz, gospel, swamp, pop, and funk by a significant measure, I discovered an added bonus equal to the first: with Brad’s really comprehensive system I found myself effortlessly coming out with dominant 7 riffs by the bucket-full. This fact alone makes the course indispensable.

True Fire video guitar lessosn

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